Hello, I'm Yi

UI/UX Designer | UX Researcher | Quality Assurance Tester

My passion is to build a comfortable game world, helping players learn, understand, and progress. My goal is to create a game that is beginner-friendly where they can find joy and create bonds with the people in the game world.

Coming from a computer programming background, I have strong foundations in problem-solving and analytic thinking. I have always loved video games and that is how my interests in game mechanics, visual designs, and game interactions thrived. I was born and raised in a multicultural country, Malaysia, I have learned to be open-minded and embrace other cultures. The multicultural environment has increased my creativity as it gives me new perspectives and ideas when facing questions and challenges of game design.



Recent Projects

Dreamland Confectionery Link

A narrative adventure game where you nurture friendships by baking desserts for creatures and Oceanians all over an ever-expanding world.

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Coming Soon 

On-Going Project 

Role: UX Designer Lead

Urban Tiller App

An e-commerce application that provides an intuitive interface and allows users to shop for products online. The user app flow is designed uniquely where the delivery date is prioritized due to its daily change of inventory.

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Coming Soon 

On-Going Project 

Role: UX Designer


Sweeping the Ruins Link

An action-adventure game where two players engage in asymmetrical combat with an overpowered behemoth, using only the traps and destructible terrain in a mystical ruin as their weapons. 

Role: Usability Lead & UI/UX Designer